Brooklyn's CUP - New Album, Song and Video. Psychedelic Dark-Wave Rock N Roll!

Technically, according to girl code, I am not supposed to "like" the band Cup. It features Kelsey Chapstick (idk her real last name) who has a crew of friends who have said some pretty gritty shit about me. You know what though, I don't give a fuck. I am not petty and a great band is a great band. Girl code can suck a big dick.

Cup is a four-piece from Brooklyn who are about to release a new album in May titled Nothing Could be Wrong. The first single is a catchy number called Night Lite and has a great video to accompany it. I like this band because they have a psychedelic-meets-Bauhaus vibe. Its a little dark but not straight up depressing. If MTV still played music videos and had 120 Minutes on Sunday nights, this would be in heavy rotation. I like the bands previous releases, but I think this single is one of their best. I look forward to hearing the rest of the album when it drops May 8th.

So, If Kelsey has to hate me cause her friends do then I understand, but I still like her band and no one can stop me. Toxic girl culture can go fuck itself.

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Check out the new song and video.

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