BRANDY AND THE BUTCHER - Sleazy, Glam, Rock n Roll that Leaves You Saying "MORE COWBELL!!."

Who doesn't love glitzy sleaze rock? Inspired by the glam scene and the likes of the New York Dolls and Bowie, Brandy and The Butcher are ready to take us out of quarantine and back into the heyday of pure rock n roll. Lead by vocalist Liz Hale, the four-piece have just released their debut LP titled Dick Circus. Much like their influences, the music is raw, energetic, and bare-bones rock. In a time where bands are over-processed and auto-tune is law, Brandy and The Butcher have defied the norm and let their pure talent do the talking.

Hailing from South Carolina, the band has released several EP's and singles prior to Dick Circus, all of which have been loved by critics. I can tell this band is probably amazing live and hopefully once the pandemic blows over, we can see them on tour. Rock n Roll ain't dead, its just hiding in South Carolina.

More Cowbell!

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