BLOOD DRUNK - British Columbia Grindcore Releases EP "Forsaken Relic."

Meshing between death metal and grindcore, British Columbia's Blood Drunk are one hell of a band. Vocalist Marisa is downright evil sounding (thats the point, right?) and can easily be put up against any death metal vocalist in history. Literal proof that women can do things just as good, if not better, than the boys. They just released their EP, Forsaken Relic, and its a pleasant mind fuck.

This band more than anyone I've heard recently should be playing Maryland Deathfest, which we of course know has an underwhelming support for women in metal. They would be the perfect fit and after hearing this EP, they more than deserve it. Hopefully the larger festivals will take notice. If we keep hearing more from them like we have on this first EP, there is no doubt I'll be saying "I told ya so" in the near future.

For now, take a listen and give them a follow.

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