Blood Command Announce a New Singer with an Energetic Single

Blood Command dropped an energetic deathpop punk single “A Villain’s Monologue” to announce their new singer and you should check it out! I dug the song’s energy and my daughter who isn’t the biggest heavy music listener, favoring more dark pop varieties, really enjoyed it (she’s 11). The band refers to themselves as deathpop to describe this hardcore meets pop meet metal sound. The single is out now on Hassle Records.

Yngve says the song, “…was written in response to someone projecting their insecurities onto me. At the time of writing this track, I was invested in supporting someone close to me – I could see they were chasing their dreams and I wanted

the best for them. Over time, however, I came to the sad realization that the support was reciprocated. This person who I thought I could trust was not showing the same support that I had shown them, and as a result, were projecting. When I showed Nikki the song, she had been through an incredibly similar situation so we both knew this was the perfect introduction to the rebirth of Blood Command.”

Connect with Blood Command on Bandcamp.

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