BLAST BITCH - Death Metal from Buenos Aires New Album Out Now!

Blast Bitch isn't just an awesome name, they are also pure fucking metal. Death metal to be exact. July 9th saw the release of their new album Sociedad Manipulada. The band themselves are no strangers to the music scene. Vocalist Constanza Liberte is also a member of the 3-piece female speed metal band FILOSA. Bassist Ariel Ledo Agüero is also in old school death metal influenced band Narcolepsia. Guitarist Pely Macchi also fronts and plays guitar in the female death metal band Indisposed. If you have been wondering where all the death metal women musicians have been hiding, apparently its been Buenos Aires!

You don't need to know Spanish to enjoy this album which I sat and listened to twice when I found out about it. The old school vibe is like Derketa and Obituary had a baby. I fucking love it. I hope you give them a listen and spread the word. They deserve it.

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