Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Mel from Binge Drinker introduces herself and her band to us. Not only is she in a badass vocalist, but she also helps run a record label and puts on an event to raise awareness for mental health. Everything we stand for is what she represents. Here she is in her own words:

I’m Mel and I do vocals in North London based crust n roll band Binge Drinker.

I joined Binge Drinker on a whim. Having never been in a band before I was coerced into attending a jam with the guys under the pretense that I’d ‘have a scream to let off some steam.’ The night finished with me joining the band.

I also run a record label with a friend – Affair Records. We thought it was the best way to support the underground scene we both love so much. Our aim is to catalogue music we feel excited about, from friends and bands we care about. I also put on an annual event called Shred for Will, which raises funds for mental health charities. This year will be its 3rd year running.

Binge Drinker have been together for 3 years and are about to embark on our first international tour which happens to be in bloody Japan! Our guitarist, Baz, lived in Japan many moons ago and looked up a few old connections who helped make it happen. Our EP is at Revenge Records in Osaka, Base in Tokyo and Disk Shop Misery in Hiroshima.

We’re also stocked at Chainsaw Distro in Greece, Radiation Records in Rome and All Ages and Flashback Records both in London. In October 2018 we did a 3 date UK mini tour dubbed the ‘Weekend Bender’ with Sewer Trench and Do One, which was all kinds of debauchery.

Binge Drinker are:

Baztron – guitars

Tone Bone – Bass

Tyler – Drums

Mel – vox

Our sound is a mix of punk, crust and thrash. We have songs about all sorts of stuff; getting wasted, shitting yourself on the train, drowning your ex, Lord Humungous (Mad Max), Chiko Rolls (an Australian delicacy), toe tags, and (anti)social media.

In terms of challenges in the scene; I tend to not give too much time to what people think. They either like us/me, or they don’t.

I’d love to play more gigs with non-dude bands. I really enjoy the sister solidarity and am super excited for our next 2 London shows on Feb 1st (Fox and Firkin in Lewisham) and March 3rd (The Black Heart in Camden) where the line up’s are a delightful combo of bands with female/queer musicians.

Instagram @bingedrinker_band

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