The new solo-artist blending garage style spaghetti westerns and roots rock.Meet BETTY BENEDEADLY!

Meet the awesome Betty Benedeadly. She is about to release From the Mesa, a 3 song EP as part of an ongoing series of EP's she will do with Desert Records. She will be traveling and recording songs in the American SW deserts over the next few years. Betty left the stresses of 2020 behind her, got into her van, and lived in the desert to reconnect with the natural earth and sky. Out of it has come an EP that is truly what I can only describe as rock-n-roll spiritual retreat that could easily be a soundtrack to a Tarantino movie. To learn more about this amazing solo female-force, she was kind enough to discuss the meaning behind her new single Coyote Fever Dream (listen to the track below).

Coyote’s Fever Dream took form while quarantining on the Taos mesa, where I enjoyed the howls of coyote packs nightly, either from the roof of an earthship or the comforts of my van sanctuary, usually while looking for shooting stars. While the coyote is synonymous with the wild call of desert night, it struck me that the archetype of the coyote as trickster or prankster is also apropos for this time. The pandemic feels as though mother nature is pulling one over on us, reminding us of our place in the greater circle of life. It's time for a humble look at our own hubris, and a little humility, which the coyote character often helps us to see. The "fever dream" phrase is a more literal reference to these pandemic times. The surreal speed with which mandatory public temperature checks and electronic thermometers have worked their way into our new daily norm has the sci fi-esque quality of a dystopian dream. This song also makes me feel that floaty, drifting, detached, wandering sensation, a feeling I've felt before in serious fever states. For me, this song both captures the essence of that fever dream sensation, while also referring to this fever dream chapter we’re all in together.
Brad Frye, founder and owner of Desert Records, has agreed to give 10% of all EP sales to a land stewardship project (in New Mexico) of my choosing. I couldn't be more honored and excited to be using these songs to spread awareness for and champion one of these causes.

Betty's music is a combo of inspiration from spaghetti westerns, surf, and roots rock. From the Mesa will be released in March but you should check out her bandcamp and other links below! Be the first to know about this awesome musical Goddess.

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