BelzeFührer:One of Belita Adair's Several Black Metal Projects

Carrying on the tradition of one woman black metal, Las Vegas' Belita Adair has created the project Belzefuhrer and released the unsigned album Wrath ov Blood in October 2017. Adair has had several one woman projects in the past and has also worked doing chanting vocals with Italian black metal band Negatron. With this album, described as "raw black metal", she plays guitar, pipe organ, piano, drum, and provides vocals. Previously Belita was associated with the acts Demon Insane Asylum, Necrotic Entity, Satanic Corpse, She Satan, ex-Death Morgue, ex-Disruptum, and Princess Satanas. Not much else is known about the artist but you can listen to the song Demon Crimson below.

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