BANG BANG BAND GIRL - One Woman Garage/Punk/Rockabilly/No-Wave. New Split out Now!

Bang Bang Band Girl is a one-woman musical project born from Sheri Corleone. Sheri hails from Valparaíso, Chile (although her current location is listed in Netherlands) and the project has been just her since 2011. Onstage, she uses a bass drum, a vintage Japanese Teisco guitar, and just her voice. Her music is inspired by all things rock n roll. Everything from rockabilly to noise.

Most recent, Bang Bang Band Girl has released a split with the one-man band Trash Colapso. Consisting of 6 songs from BBBG, its an awesome departure from the usual punk and metal we feature on here. The songs really give the surf-rock vibe that is perfect for the upcoming summer. I also gave a listen to her 2013 release, Lies. I love the sound she is creating. It reminds me of a soundtrack to a Tarantino movie. If you love the rockabilly, surf, blues, new-wave genera's then you will for sure love this talented queen.

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