Band to Know: Scaphis - Death Metal from Australia

Formed in August 2014, Scaphis are a five piece death metal band from Melbourne, Australia. Their sound includes chunky riffs, catchy drums and good old fashioned, guttural death metal vocals.

Comprised of members from past and present bands, they made their highly anticipated live debut in July of 2015, and released their first album, Rituals of Torture and Death in June 2017. The album was labelled “A headbanger’s dream” by Stephanie Fothergill of Metal Obsession. 

Scaphis have toured throughout Australia, from guitarist Josh’s home land in lush Tasmania, to the monstrous Blacken festival in the red desert centre of Alice Springs.

Welcoming a new drummer in 2019, Scaphis have begun writing their second album and are eager for their next chapter of death and destruction.

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