Band to Know: BLACK ROAD

Black Road formed in June 2015 by guitarist Tim M. and vocalist Suzi Uzi. Rounding out the group on drums is Robert Gonzales and Casey Papp on bass. The style of music has been mostly described as stoner/traditional doom metal. Whatever you call it, it is heavy blues with lots of fuzz, sultry vocals, killer bass and heavy drums, and sometimes progressive in song structure.

Black Road released their debut eponymous EP in October 2017, with a cassette release and vinyl soon to follow on DHU RECORDS. Also released was a CD with BloodRock Records. The debut full-length album is being recorded in February, and set to be released later in 2019 on both labels.

The band is going out for two spring and summer festivals this year, touring to Texas for SX Stoner Jam 2019 and to Connecticut for New England Stoner and Doom Fest.

Suzi manages the band and does the majority of graphics, posters, and all promotion for the band; booking and planning the tours as well. The most recent album demos were also recorded and mixed down by Suzi, and there are several videos for the band and many personal videos online which she filmed, edited or created. “Using different forms of art as expression and as creative outlets is something that feels right. Performing has always come natural and it is a form of stress relief.”

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