AWEFUL - The Chicago Trio Proving Rock N Roll is Far From Dead! New Track "OH OH" Listen Now!

Traci Trouble, Lucy DeKay and Izzy Price makeup AWEFUL, the Chicago trio who has been playing hard rock, garage-style tunes with heavy riffs. Their songs are catchy, pure rock n roll, and fun. I've been enjoying their previous live shows via YouTube and they will be one of the first bands I hope to see once the pandemic ends (perks being a Chi-town native).

What strikes me about them is the lost art of the chorus. In pretty much all their songs they provide a catchy, memorable chorus that I can easily see the audience singing with them. It's easy to get the songs stuck in your head and leaves you longing to hear it over and over again. The band brings back a time when music was With so much going on in the world, the escape into upbeat rock n roll is exactly what I need for 2021. Looking to hear so much more from this talented trio. Who says rock is dead?

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