Australia's RELIGIOUS OBSERVANCE - Ugly, Sludge, Noise - New Music out Now!

We love Australia and with all that is going on we wanted to highlight a release from the beautiful country. Lucky for everyone, the nasty-sludge ridden metal of Religious Observance has graced us with a new song. December 23, right before Christmas of course, their newest masterpiece titled Yeast Infector was released.

Drummer Lucy Für is the pounding force behind the kit and solo female among a band of 5 dudes. She is fucking bad-ass. I love women drummers and I wish we saw more of them. She helps make their sick blend of doom and noise sound even more disgusting by the way she tempos the drums. The entire band is sick, but since we highlight women on here - we gotta give Lucy the love. Oh and she is also an extra on the show WENTWORTH which I have been obsessively watching since its inception and was super stoked to learn this.

If you sit in the dark, smoke a joint, and put on Religious Observance you just might find yourself having somewhat of a religious experience (as in a hallucinogenic visit to Hell). This band can take you there with the sludgy guitar riffs, perfectly dark and dramatic vocals, and an variety of noise it keeps the listener entertained. Nothing is boring about this band.

Give them a listen, a follow, and thank me later.

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