Australia's EMPRESS New Album "Wait 'Til Night" Now Avail for Pre-Order. Haunting Death-Doom Metal!

Empress is one of those bands that can easily gain fans of many different genera's. The Australian 5-piece have elements of doom, post-metal, dark-wave, and black metal. Vocalist Chloe has a voice that can mesmerize the listener with her ability to seemingly transition from soft, feminine vocals right into harsh, death metal-esq gloom. The band has their second full-length now available for pre-order. Wait 'Til Night will be released November 20th from Brilliant Emperor Records. Several variations of bundles are available, including white sage, rosemary & lavender smudge sticks, organically grown and prepared by Chloe herself (Australia customers only). If the rest of the record is as good as the first single, Golden Orb, then it will be the perfect album for the cold and depressing winter we are about to encounter. The band has already shared the stage with acts like Wolves in the Throne Room, and Church of Misery, proving that they belong there with other genera-twisting heavy acts. I would love to see this band on a U.S. tour is we can ever see live music again. Until then, check out the band at the links below.

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