ANTHRAX FIELDS from Finland - 80's New Wave Meets Anarcho Punk!

Damn, Where have I been that I just discovered Anthrax Fields?! Hailing from Tampere, Finland they combine the musical synths of new wave with a hardcore punk sound fronted by Magenta, who is easily this generations Nina Hagen. Its as if Crass and Missing Persons had a baby and now its all grown up.

Lyrical topics really show their punks roots too ranging from violence against women to social inequality. Their demo, released in 2018, also features a Disorder cover song.

Its hard not to be mesmerized by Magenta, whose style mixes her love of crust punk with her other love of the 80's. Her voice and her energy remind listeners that even though she is a total babe, she is still a pissed off woman who could probably kick your ass. We are not worthy!

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