ANGUISHED: Black Metal from Ana Niemi

If you would like the sound of high pitch torture against Burzum-like black metal, Anguished might be exactly what you've been missing. Composed entirely of Ana Niemi  (a.k.a. Possessed Demoness) the Helenski, Finland artist released her debut album, “Cold” in November of 2010 via the label Hammer Of Hate Records. Session drummer Mental Penetrator (real name still unknown) was used for the album and not much else is known. In an interview with the blog Kill Me Creator in 2010 she was asked the following:

KMC: Why did you decide to make Anguished a one woman project?

Possessed Demoness: Simply because no one didn't believe that I can do music or even play any instrument, so I was left alone. But I didn't give a fuck. I wanted to make this album, supported or not. Fuck the prejudices.

Hopefully we hear more from her in the near future, but as with most BM artist, they do what they want when they want. Take a listen below.

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