Last year, Showtime released the award winning Agnostic Front documentary The Godfathers of Hardcore. In the movie, Rodger Miret introduces you to his now adult daughter whom he shares with his ex-wife Amy Keim. Although Amy declined to be in the movie, he makes it clear that she was an important person when telling his story. If Rodger is a Godfather of the genera, then that definitely makes Amy a Godmother.

Amy's band, Nausea is known as one of the best known anarcho-punk bands of the New York City scene in the 1980's. Sharing vocal duties with Neil Robinson (Tribal War Records future owner) and later on with Al Long, Nausea blended hardcore, crust and thrash metal making them one of the most important bands out of the lower east side scene. Their lyrics were sociopolitical and focused on topics like environmentalism, pollution, animal rights and war.

Amy's vocals, partnered with the male members of the band, were distinctive and spewed anger and frustration. Given her passion for the topics they wrote about, this was no surprise. She was one of the bands main songwriters and also wrote the song Existence of Hate for the 1986 Agnostic Front album Cause for Alarm. Aside from music, Amy was also one of the best photographers of the scene. Her work was featured in Rodger's autobiography, on several websites dedicated to the old hardcore scene, used on various album covers and inserts, and in various fanzines.

Nausea stayed true to their beliefs playing only squats when touring Europe and were often featured on benefits shows and compilation's that supported their causes. Their unique sound abled them to play with hardcore, straightedge, metal and punk bands. In a time when many scenes were divided, Nausea was a mediator.

While in the band, Amy married and had a child with Rodger. She continued to travel and perform with Nausea until she left the band in 1992. The band broke up and members went on to play in other acts like Chocking Victim, Soulfly and Ministry. Amy did not join another band. She went to med school, raised her daughter and currently works as a professor.

Amy was one of the many who paved the way for future women in anarcho-punk. If there was a hall of fame, she would be in it. Nausea's music has held up through decades and it still influencing bands to this day.

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