ALIAS LA GRINGA - New Single from Dr. DiDi and Her Garage Punk Band!

I am not sure how Dr. DiDi (who is actually a real doctor) has the time or energy, to create such kickass punk, but here we are! After announcing her depart from Perra Vida, Diana Matos has launched her pop-punk solo music (known as Dr. DiDi) and put out a new single with her longtime garage punk band Alias La Gringa. The new song, Tía María, has an old school reggae tone which is reminiscent of The Slits. As someone who doesn't speak Spanish, this song is a great example of how just music itself can translate to other cultures. The song eventually transitions into speed punk which is like a blast of cold water on your nipples! Diana is an essential worker at this critical time in the world and we can't thank her enough. Not only for saving lives, but also for using punk music we can all use as a good distraction from the madness. Check out more from the band below and be sure to follow them on Facebook!

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