Album: Check out "SKY ROAD" By OWL MAKER

According to Lakota legend, the crone goddess Owl Maker guards the Sky Road -- the entrance to the Land of the Dead. Souls who bear the wrong tattoos are cast back to Earth to fade into oblivion...

Following the success of their debut EP Paths of the Slain this March, heavy metal trio Owl Maker released the two-track EP Sky Road on November 2nd, 2018.  With themes of hopelessness, isolation, and revenge set against a stark desert landscape, and produced by the Owl Maker's own guitarist and frontman Simon Tuozzoli, Sky Road shows a musical and conceptual evolution for the band.

When Paths of the Slain was released in March 2018, it put the essentially unknown local metal group on the international map. Mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Code Orange), the EP garnered many words of praise from far beyond Owl Maker's Connecticut home. Metal Hammer called it "a high-octane drive down the alt-metal superhighway," and Invisible Oranges hoped that the release was "only the tip of the iceberg."  

And indeed it is. "Sky Road" and "Owl City" show two different sides of the band: one firmly rooted in blues grooves and the other more brooding and experimental. Tuozzoli, who is an audio engineer by trade and also known for his work in the doom metal duo Vestal Claret, took the recording into his own hands for this release.  Also featuring  Jessie May on bass and Chris Anderson on drums, Owl Maker continues down a road that is full of potential.

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