ACID BLOOD - Pure Punk Rock n Roll from Umeå,Sweden

Damn you Sweden. Every time I find a band from your lovely country I am impressed and gushing for more. Today we have Acid Blood, who happened to just show up in my inbox. As if saying "Hi! Feature our bad-ass band and share the secret with the rest of the world." So here we are.

The four piece band features Jojo Anderbygd - vocals, Karl Backman (previously AC4, The Vectors, T-55s) - guitar, Emil Fjällstrom (previously Raging Steel) - bass, and Isak Mörtzell - drums. They formed in 2016 and released a 7" in 2017. This June they will be releasing their debut album, Acid Blood, through JanML Records/Maja von Lobeck.

Influences range from stoner rock, sludge, crust punk and blues. They immediately reminded me of Motorhead if Motorhead had a girl singer who likes to be covered in blood. 5 out of 5 and 2 thumbs up. The album is sick - go pre-order!

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