A WEEK DEDICATED TO COVER BANDS (Featuring Talented Women of Course)

This week we are celebrating the women who pay tribute to their favorite bands. You may laugh at the term "cover bands" but doing something like this takes not only a lot of work, but also a lot of balls. These women are going up on stage and playing music that is considered classic. In some way there can be more pressure on a cover band because people go into the show having high expectations and already knowing the original material.

I think the Iron Maidens are a prime example of a fun yet hard working cover band (Guitarist Nita Strauss went on to become a full-time member of Alice Cooper). We won't be covering them so we can give other women some love, but they are usually who most people think of when this discussion comes up. Cover bands are fun but the material they play can be extremely challenging. Hopefully this week will open your eyes to some new faces and encourage you to see them live if you have the chance!

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