A List of One-Woman Black Metal Projects Fans of BM Need to Know...

Get out your corpse paint because there has been a recent influx in women creating black metal, and doing it just as good (usually better) than the men who once dominated the genera. Although women have always had a part in this harsh and haunting music, we are currently seeing and hearing more and more each year. This is by no means an absolute list of one-woman BM projects, so be sure to let us know any others you love! Support your fellow women artist and check out the list of just a few of the women to add to your bandcamp cart!

1) LENA GRAY - Trans artist and musician. They/Them - North Carolina

Self described ambient synthwave anti-fascist black metal artist Lena Gray came onto my radar with the 2020 release of Wrapped in Flesh. A magnificent artist who specializes in trans-inspired digital prints (check out their Etsy store), the music is like Depeche Mode meets late Bathory. Lena Gray should be gracing the pages of Decibel and other metal magazines, but sadly the male-dominated white boy media is just not ready yet. Until then, we support Lena is every way we can to get the word out.




2) VANEN - Whereabouts Unknown, She/Her, One-Woman

Vanen has been one of my favorite finds in recent times and judging by how fast her tapes sell-out, I am not the only one. Keeping things limited, she has a huge cult-following and yes, plays all the instruments herself. Sometimes her music reminds me of raw black metal meeting The Munsters theme. Her use of instruments like the organ produce a style which reminds me of what Black Metal might have been during the Victorian era. A must-listen.



3) HULDER - She/Her, One-Woman artist. Portland, Oregon.

Hulder is another cult-favorite who developed around 2018 and sells out her vinyl in a matter of days. Described as Dark Medieval Black Metal, she has a cleaner sound than some BM artist but don't let good production fool you. Her music is fast, heavy, and transitions between classical style licks and death style metal. As one of the more popular artist on this list, her success is well deserved.



4) RVBBER VVITCH - She/Her, Montreal, Quebec

RVBBER VVITCH combines BDSM, Black Metal, Ambient, and Industrial to create her one-woman project. Although we are still waiting for an official album, her bandcamp has provided us with lots of singles, and most recently, a cassette called Est Morte which contains 5 new tracks. Everything is limited and currently sold-out. Keep and eye out for pre-orders and follow her social medias to keep up to date on her latest.



5) YXXAN - She/Her, Sweden

YXXAN is Morbid Aggressor, the intense black metal/d-beat artist who came onto the scene around 2019. Currently she has two demos out and all her limited edition vinyl is sold-out. Her latest demo was distributed through Nuclear War Now! Productions. With demos titled Satanic Fortification Overbalance and Inverterat Korståg (Inversted Crusade) her metal represents a lot of anti-religious views which is fitting for the grittiness of the music. Currently she is working on a full-length which we will most definitely keep you updated on it!



6) SULDUSK - She/Her, Australia

Suldusk is Emily Highfield, the one-woman neo-folk black metal goddess. I fell in love with the 2019 release, Lunar Falls, and can't say enough great things about her voice and artistic vision. Although she did use musicians for her album, the entire work is hers and hers alone. She considers it a one-woman project. Fans of many genera's will love Suldusk as she incorporates atmospheric elements, doom, folk and traditional black metal. I can't wait to hear her next release, whenever that may be. Until then, check out Lunar Falls.



7) BELITA ADAIR - She/Her, Las Vegas

High Priestess, Founder of the Satanic Church of the Dead, and sex worker Belita Adair has several one-woman projects she has created over the past 15 years. All projects are extreme black metal based, with Satanic Corpse her most-known project. She wants to not be defined by her gender but prefers the music to do all the talking. Her other projects include She Satan, Princess Satanas, Negatron, Demon Insane Asylum, and BelzeFührer.

8) ANGUISHED - She/Her, Helsinki, Uusimaa

Possessed Demoness (Ana Niemi) is the sole conductor of Anguished, the solo black metal project that dates back to 2009. Cold, Her only album as of now, was released in 2010 to excellent reviews in the BM community. She has since gone on to do guest vocals for fellow extreme metal bands Anal Blasphemy and Rienaus. Unsure if she is still active, but the album is great and definitely worth adding to the list.



9) IESCHURE - She/Her, Rivne, Ukraine

Lilita Arndt created her one-woman project, Ieschure, in 2016. Described as an act that would have fit right into the early 90s wave of the genre, her lyrical themes of witchcraft and death makes her an easy add to the list of must-know artist.



10) - Nordgeist - She/Her

The artist only known as "T" makes up Nordgeist, the atmospheric black metal one-woman act. Fans of gritty black metal will love the heavy guitar work and drowned vocals which contrast with ebb and flow of keyboards and atmospheric parts. If you are looking for cold sounding and depressing rage, this is your girl.



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