So why a website dedicated to the women in underground punk/metal? As I was growing up in the mid to late 1990s, there was no internet readily available and no cells phones that could teach you something at the drop of a hat. I would buy magazines, zines and listen to underground radio shows always on the hunt to find new music and women whom I felt I could relate to. I loved Courtney Love and Kathleen Hanna. As I grew up, it became apparent that these women really did make an impact on me. I wasn’t popular and I was bullied often as a teen, so listening to music was my outlet. I found friendships with other misfits through my love of punk rock and heavy metal, something that has been with me through my entire life.

As most females in the music business know, the media is still very male dominated and there is no exception within the punk and metal scenes. As I started writing for music blogs and learning more about new bands and artist I was still always drawn to fierce females. I admire their courage and the way they can get on stage and not give a fuck. That is something I could never do! What I can do though is write. I decided I could make a place for these women to be promoted, a place for them to tell their stories, a place for other female writers, designers and artist of all kinds to be featured. More than anything what I hope to accomplish with this site to encourage the young and impressionable females to use their minds and talents to express themselves. Having a resource to showcase the women who have and are paving the way through their arts is a dream and something I wish I had when I was young.

Yes, we also love men and we support them! We also love and support: trans, gay, straight, bi, animals and minerals! I am always interested in ideas and looking for writers who would like to contribute. Feedback, good and bad, is also always welcome. I can be reached anytime at elizabeth@hearsheroars.com

Let us unite in the name of punk and metal!